Since 2012, Project 42, has been working to combat the violence that transgender American's face through memorial actions and public outreach. The individuals in the project were selected in a process that reflects my commitment to treating each spirit with respect and care. Because not all individuals represented in this group had supportive communities and families I chose early in the project to work with collaborators outside of the geographic locations where each individual was murdered. This decision was extremely difficult to make, but I feel is the best way to honor each individual with equal care and respect. If you are a member of an individuals family or community and you wish to contact the project, please do so via the contact page of the website.

Below are images of each work completed so far in chronological order of production. Upon completion of the project, all 42 works will be included here. For documentation of performance please visit here.

 It is the goal of the project to increase awareness of these issues through active accomplice creation rather than ally creation. For this reason information provided below does not include the research done on each individuals story and life in hopes that viewers will actively engage in their own research and by doing so, increase their connection with this complex issue.​ 

Tiffany Berry, Camelot Manor Apartments, 3151 Ashwood St.,

Memphis, TN 

 Inkjet printed fabrics, silkscreen fabrics, and sequins,  37” x 40” x 16”,  2017

Installation view from We the People, The Minnesota Museum of American Art

Photo: Rik Sferra

Copyright: The Minnesota Museum of American Art

Project 42: Fred Martinez Jr., "The Pits", Cortez, CO

Inkjet printed fabrics with gold thread embroidery and vintage lace sewn,  

35” x 34” x 17”, 2017

 Installed in artists studio with fabric background  

Project 42: Paige Clay, 4500 West Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL,

 Inkjet printed fabric, 39” x 22” x 18”, 2012

Project 42: Camila Guzman, 110th Street, NYC, NY

 Inkjet printed fabric, 38” x 20” x 19”, 2014

Project 42: Lorena Escalera Xtravaganza, 43 Furman Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

Inkjet printed textiles, silkscreened fabric, muslin, antique lace, antique dress form, cotton piping, wallpaper, and bronze and quartz crystal necklace, 

82" x 124" x  384"

Created in Collaboration with Lesley Dill

In collaboration with Debra Baxter, DB/CB Jewelry

Commissioned by Seattle Art Museum

​Photo: Mark Woods, Copyright Seattle Art Museum

Project 42: Mariah Malina Qualls, Golden Eagle Hotel, 402 Broadway Street, San Fransisco, CA

 Inkjet printed fabric, 2016

Installed in artist studio with fabric backdrop

Project 42: Tiffany Gooden, 4800 West Jackson Blvd. Chicago, IL,

 Inkjet printed fabric, 40” x 20” x 19”, 2013

Installation view with fabric backdrop from Cover Me, at The Alice, Seattle, WA

Project 42: Angie Zappata, Greeley, CO

 Inkjet printed fabric, 44” x 40” x 19” and 40" x 32" x 19", 2015

Performance Documentation from Over, Under, Over, Intertwined Experiences in a Transgender Age, ​Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, FL

Photo:Jim Lennon

Project 42: Brandy Martell, 400 block of 13th Street near Franklin Street, Oakland, CA

Inkjet and silkscreen printed fabrics sewn by the artist installed in front of inkjet printed wallpaper background at the Henry Art Gallery, Commissioned by the Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA, Wallpaper Background Dimensions 96” x 48”, 2016

Garment Dimensions 34” x 30” x 16”

Collection of The Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA gift of Bill True

Photo: Jonathan Vanderweit